NH-5600 Trolley Echocardiography

Discover The Power Of Touch

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NH-5600: Discover The Power Of Touch

Your Comfort With A TouchNH-5600 echocardiography

Whenever physicians think of a high-level cardiovascular and general imaging ultrasound systems, they ask for up-to-date platforms, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. NH-5600 has been designed based on these key concepts to deliver a reliable diagnosis, and ensure every day productivity. With just one glance, you will understand how NH-5600‘s simplicity has never been seen on such a high-level ultrasound scanner.

NH-5600: Performance, Simplicity And Ergonomics With A Single Touch

High performance does not always mean large and stationary systems. A particular effort has been made to reduce size and increase the new NH-5600’s ergonomics. This has led to a compact and agile system, which is easy to move and is able to adapt to any kind of environment, including most critical ones such as interventional and operating rooms. The height-adjustable and rotating keyboard, as well as the multiplane-articulated monitor arm, allow for optimal positioning at all times.

High-Quality Touch Screen: Completeness With A Touch

The large high-quality touch screen is well positioned near the most important working area of the control panel. This touch-screen allows all mode-dependent parameters to be clearly displayed and changed with one simple touch.

NH-5600 TouchIntegration With A Touch

Data management is very important today, both for users’ comfort and patient care. NAHL offers an efficient solution for any need and any environment, ranging from stand-alone workstations up to complex modular architectures.  NH-5600 represents a flexible way to connect your NH-5600 to the PC, easily! NH-5600 is NAHL’s answer to its user’s need for a simple and straightforward way to archive, review, post-process, report or print their NH-5600 examinations on a PC from the comfort of their (home) office or while travelling. NH-5600 provides the means to increase workflow and productivity in private offices, as well as in clinics and hospital departments.

  • Archive, Review And Post-Process Examinations Performed With The NH-5600 Ultrasound Systems

  • Import File Via USB, CD/DVD And Network

  • Perform General And Application-Specific Measurements

  • Review, Change And Print The Examinations (Reports And Images)

  • Export Data Using PC’s Standard Features, I.E. Burn On A CD/DVD, Email, Etc

NH-5600: The Right Choice For Every Clinical Need.NH5600

  • General Imaging/Radiology (Breast, Msk)

  • Surgical

  • Emergency Medicine

  • Interventional Radiology

  • Cardiology

  • Anaesthesiology

  • Critical Care/Icu

  • Internal Medicine

  • Gastroenterology

  • Oncology

  • Ob/Gyn

  • Urology

  • Vascular

  • Pediatrics

  • … and even more!

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Convex probe

3.5MHzR50 Convex probe 2-6MHz

L70 Linear probe

7.5MHzL40 Linear probe 6-16MHz

Micro-convex probe 2

3.5MHzR20 Micro-convex probe 2-6MHz








Transvaginal Probe

6.5MHzR10 Transvaginal probe 4-8MHz

Phased array probe

2.5MHz Phased array probe 2-6MHz

4D Convex probe

4.5MHz 4D Volume Convex probe 2.5-6.5MHz


NH-5100 Carotid PW

Carotid PW

NH-5100 TDI


NH-5100 Mitral Valve Flow

Mitral Valve Flow

NH-5100 Auto IMT

Auto IMT

NH-5100 CW


NH-5100 Carotid Color

Carotid Color

NH-5100 Cardiac M - Aaron

Cardiac M – Aaron

NH-5100 Cardiac M 2

Cardiac M 2

NH-5100 Cardiac 3

Cardiac 3

NH-5100 Cardiac CW

Cardiac CW

NH-5100 pulmonary artery flow velocity

pulmonary artery flow velocity

NH-5100 Cardiac M 1

Cardiac M 1

NH-5100 4D


NH-5100 Thyroid


NH-5100 Liver 5

Liver 5

NH-5100 Kidney 2

Kidney 2

NH-5100 Liver 4

Liver 4

NH-5100 Cardiac Flow

Cardiac Flow

NH-5100 Breast