NH-5000 Mobile Ultrasound Machine with Doppler

Classic and Trolley

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NH-5000 left sideNH-5000: the Image of Versatility and Efficiency in Ultrasound Technology

Designed with exclusive ergonomics and ultrasound imaging features, NH-5000 is the Premium Choice in its class. NH-5000 is a cart-based ultrasound system providing highly ergonomic and widely applications product solutions. Configured for an extensive range of applications, nh-5000 delivers a premium quality, yet affordable, solution for shared ultrasound services across any busy clinical setting. Discover the system’s performance and usability which is perfectly tailored for your daily clinical needs.

Maximising user comfort and diagnostic confidence

NH-5000 has been designed to meet the increasing demand from physicians, clinics and group practices wishing to offer high-quality on-site ultrasound services for their patients. NH-5000 has been conceived with the comfort of the user as a key priority.

Designed with Ergonomics in MindNH-5000 color doppler

The rotating keyboard can easily be made higher or lower according to user preference. Similarly, an articulated arm for the screen increases comfort, as well as enabling the sharing of results with a patient or colleague quickly and easily.

19-inch Widescreen LCD

A powerful ultrasound engineering or an ergonomic probe design can certainly improve your work, but few things help you feel more productive. NH-5000 offers an 19-inch widescreen LCD, where clinical images and data are flawlessly displayed to increase users’comfort and to reduce eyestrain.

Easy Workflow

Improving workflow is an important process both for a dedicated use and for an interdisciplinary organization. An improved workflow maximizes efficiency while minimizing wasted time and resources. NH-5000 has been designed to supply a smooth workflow and full operator comfort from probe’s features to cart’s details.

4D Ultrasound

NH-5000 is premium full digital ultrasound diagnostic equipment that provides a comprehensive NH-5000 right side
diagnostic solution to our valuable users in all types of clinical environments. 19 inches LCD monitor,ergonomic rotatable design keyboard and four probe connectors make the users easy to operate. The wide range of applications include Abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, andrology, cardiology, etc. Meanwhile this machine can be updated to 4D software.

Different Kinds of Imaging Modes                                                

  • B, B|B, 4B, B|M, M
  • Color Doppler (CFM)
  • Power Doppler (PDI)
  • Pulsed Wave Doppler (PW)
  • B+PWD (Duplex)
  • B+CFM/PDI+PW (Triplex)
  • Real-time 4D (Option)

Advanced Image Processing

  • Brightness, contrast
  • Advanced gamma control
  • Scan direction, rotation
  • Black/white, Left/right reverse
  • Up/down, negative / positive control
  • 8 segments TGC Control
  • High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF)
  • Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • PSHI TM broadband multi-frequency harmonic image
  • Speckle-reduction
  • Noise rejection function
  • Power adjustable
  • iBeam TM intelligent space image technology
  • iZoom TM undistorted full screen image
  •  iClear
  •  iTouch
  • Edge enhancement
  • Image conversion
  • Doppler Sound output volume adjustable
  • Color threshold control
  • Wall filter adjustable
  • Base line adjustable
  • Sampling frame adjustable
  • Spectrum sampling volume adjustable
  • Spectrum sampling volume angle adjustable
  • Stereo sound: Volume control
  • PRF adjustable
  • Pseudo

Functions & Configurations

  • 19-inch high-resolution LED monitor
  • Cine loop: more than 100 frame cine loop memory
  • Storage media: 500GB massive image-storage capacity
  • Zoom: Pan zoom
  • 2 USB ports and DICOM 3.0
  • DVD-RW
  • 4 probe connectors

Measurement & Calculations

  • B mode: Distance, circumference, area, volume, angle
  • M mode: Distance, time, velocity, heart rate
  • Software package: Abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, cardiology, small parts, urology

Convex probe

3.5MHzR60 Convex probe 2-6MHz

L70 Linear probe

7.5MHzL40 Linear probe 6-12MHz

Micro-convex probe 2

3.5MHzR15 Micro-convex probe 2-6MHz








Transvaginal Probe

6.5MHzR10 Transvaginal probe 5-9MHz

Phased array probe

3.5MHz Phased array probe 2-5.5MHz

4D Convex probe

4.5MHz 4D Volume Convex probe 2.5-6.5MHz














Liver, B mode


Liver Color, B mode

cardiac with pw

Cardiac, D model

carotid artery

Carotid Artery, C model


Kidney 01, B model


Kidney 02, B model

carotid artery with pulsed wava doppler

Carotid Artery, D model

Fingertip blood flow

Fingertip blood flow, C model

4D Fetus

4D Fetus 01

4D-1 Fetus

4D Fetus 02