iM1000 Center Monitor System

Patient monitor center monitoring system

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iM1000 Central Monitoring System is a kind of intelligent central multi-bed and multi-physiological parameter monitoring system, connected by network with bedside units, suitable for performing continuous monitoring of several patients in CCU and ICU wards simultaneously.
*Multi-parameter central monitoring system utilizes WINDOWS operation system
*It can monitor 8 beds at the same time,and it can be connected with 128 bed-side machines
*Possible to set up the color of each individual parameter text or waveform
*Optional language: English/ Chinese
*Automatic data save in case of power failure
*Alarm limits set up for all parameters, audible and visible alarms for exceeding the limit
*Connection available network system of the hospital
*This system has parameters trend graph and ECG waveforms storage of each bed of patient.
*The care teams can operate NIBP measurement, parameters setup and information printing by both central monitoring system and bed-side machines.
*Bed-side machines can be connected with the central monitoring system by wire or wireless.

Strong Printing Functions:

* Support various kinds of printers
* Can print case reports at any time so as to timely master the patient’s info
* Copy screen print for single bed, with 13 channels of waveform at most.
* Data review print including the trend graph review, trend list replay, ECG review and alarm incident review

Easy and Convenient operation:

* Large Font screen
* Provide indication of probe detachment
* Provide detailed notes to facilitate operation
* Can record, search and classify the abnormal ECG events
* Bi-directional communication with bedside unit.

Network management:

* TCP/IP protocol
* 10/100 Base-T Ethernet
* Connected bedside unit number: up to 66 bedside monitors
* Connection can use the available network system of the hospital